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Pratyahara – Finding Peace of Mind

In Ayurveda there is a concept called pratyahara. The word comes from prati meaning ‘against’ and ahara meaning ‘food’ (or anything that we take into ourselves). Pratyahara means taking control of outside influences. In a noisy and busy world, it is easy to feel sensory overwhelm – physical, emotional and mental imbalance from the continuous […]

Practicing Self Care and what my children are learning

Before I had children, I would roll out of bed in the morning to the sound of the work alarm. A quick stretch, a shower and breakfast before heading out the door. My morning routine was consistent, simple and but usually rushed. When I became a parent, I spent a year at home, learning how […]

Winter Play Invitations

What to do when it feels too cold to go outside and your kids still need that time with nature? Create a few simple indoor play invitations to chase away those winter blues and spark wonder.  Here are my top ten suggestions! Call your friendly local librarian and ask from some books on snow, ice […]

Finding balance and accepting yourself as you are – exploring principles of Ayurveda

If you didn’t already know, I’ve been doing a deep dive into Ayurvedic health practices as I move towards completing the Ayurvedic Health Practitioner program at the Yoga Veda Institute. Ayurveda is an ancient healing science that originated in India. Each person has their own physical make-up, their constitution. A unique combination of physical, emotional […]

Chasing Wonder

When I was young, my mother would pull us out of bed, 2 AM sometimes, in the chilly darkness. She would slip into our room with an excited whisper and gently shake us awake “Come see the moon! It’s so beautiful!” We’d race down the stairs and out onto the deck, sometimes stopping for a […]

Finding Joy in the Ordinary

if you ask me, what grand adventures I hope for if you ask me, how to change the world if you ask me, what kind of mountains I want to climb what kind of life i want to live I would say that we all have undefinable longings i would say the never ending normalcy […]

Life As If It Mattered

I made something, for you. I’ve been wanting to provide you all with greater access to the ideas I have been studying and implementing in my work as an educator and parent. While I have dabbled in the world of videos, my editing skills are lacking and the time that’s needed to put something together […]

Nourishing Hot Cocoa

One of my favorite ways to stay nourished and healthy in the winter months (when our bodies get less Vitamin D from the sun) is to add herbs and adapotogens to warm and cozy beverages. Here is my preferred recipe for a warming hot cocoa beverage that soothes the body and supports the immune system. […]

Motherhood as Meditation

This morning I got up to make a cup of tea before the children woke. I had scarcely filled the kettle before tiny sounds called me back to the bedroom and a sleepy baby held her arms up. I tried to set her down with toys so I could carry on with the morning but […]


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