Postpartum Support

“In other times, and in other places around the world, a postpartum period of healing and adjustment was expected and allowed. After the rigorous and demanding act of birth, it was considered critically necessary for the whole family—and for society at large—that a woman be given the first forty days to heal and rest. Other people in her community would feed her, nurture her, and take all responsibilities off her plate, so that she could focus on one thing only: transitioning healthily and happily from expectant woman to mother.”

Mothering the Mother

All mothers need support after the birth of a new babe. This period of time is full of emotion, healing, growth, change and mothers deserve to be fully supported.

I provide holistic postpartum care for mothers, and am available to provide quality care for other children during the birth.

My role is to provide reassurance and nurturing for mother and family as they welcome their new family member.

Postpartum support includes meals, light cleaning and herbal supports for mom.

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