Curious Learning

As caregivers tasked with supporting the learning of young children, we carry a great responsibility. When you’re feeling like you need some help in your work with children, I am here to support you and the unfolding of young learners. My consultation services include:

Gentle Reading Support

Conserve a love of reading by gently supporting your children’s natural learning capacity, guided by their interests.  Support sessions can be virtual or in person and include play based activities, songs, games and art to support learners in developing literacy skills and a lifelong love of reading.  Suitable for ages 3-10 and virtual sessions include access to a Gentle Reading Activity Packet. Caregivers may also book a skill building workshop for themselves if you prefer learning skills to support your work with young learners. 

Use a Nature Journal to Capture Wonder

Curiosity drives learning and wonder feeds it. Learn how to create and keep a nature journal with young learners and conserve their innate wonder while exploring the world they live in. This four week learning adventure for parents and young learners can be accessed virtually or in person. 

Nature Wonder Walks

Join me for a three week Nature Journaling Series. Adaptable for ages 3-12, materials provided.  We will explore, create and wonder as we learn how to keep a nature journal and practice scientific observation skills, building a practice of slow looking. In person only. 

Learning Consultations

Children are born natural learners, curious about the world around them and excited to be a part of it. Are you looking for support in finding ways to conserve wonder and foster exploration in your work with young learners?  Book a learning consult and learn how to:

  • Create curious invitations for learning
  • Design a curiosity inspired learning environment
  • To make space for self directed learning
  • To utilize nature as a tool for curious learning
  • To lean into wonder and learn alongside children

Creating a Learning Rhythm

Rhythms can be a powerful container for wonder filled learning. Join me in learning how to create your own learning rhythm, how to hold space for curious learning, and invite young learners to be co creators in the process. 

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