Curious Learning Support

As caregivers tasked with supporting the learning of young children, we carry a great responsibility. When you’re feeling like you need some help in your work with children, I am here to support you and the unfolding of young learners. My consultation services include:

  • Gentle Reading Support
    • One on one learning sessions for ages 3-10
    • Play based, songs, games, activities to develop literacy skills
    • Gentle Reading Activity packets
    • Virtual or in person options
  • Learning Consultations for day homes, parents, daycares:
    • how to create curious invitations for learning
    • how to design a curiosity inspired learning environment
    • how to foster self-directed learning
    • how to use nature experiences as a tool for curious exploration
    • how to start nature journaling with kids
    • how to craft a daily learning rhythm
  • Nature Journal Walks
    • Book me for a three week Nature Journaling series
    • Adaptable for ages 3-12
    • Materials provided
    • I will lead the series of nature walks and nature journaling activities, giving you and young learners the experience and tools needed to use nature journaling as a continued tool for learning.

To book any of these services, contact me at

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