Life As If It Mattered

I made something, for you. I’ve been wanting to provide you all with greater access to the ideas I have been studying and implementing in my work as an educator and parent. While I have dabbled in the world of videos, my editing skills are lacking and the time that’s needed to put something together that has impact is out of my scope as a stay at home mama.  I love writing, but I wanted to find another way to share what I’ve been studying and contemplating – so I started a podcast. I love spoken word almost as much as the written word!

We live in a world that conditions infants and young children to need their caregivers (and mother nature) less. We unconsciously promote separation and division. We live in (and perpetuate) a culture that doesn’t prioritize or respect mothers and infants, and that leads to some big problems!

The emotional experiences a child has during the first 18 months of their life determine the quality of the neural structures that develop in that stage. The emotional nurturing that an infant receives from its environment (the environment being its mother, father, primary caregivers) set lifelong patterns for  development and behavior. 

Joseph Chilton Pearce was a humanities professor who devoted himself to studying and writing about human development. He wrote: “Our worldview is a cultural pattern that shapes our mind from birth. It happens to us as fate. We speak of a child becoming “reality adjusted” as he or she responds and becomes a cooperating strand in the social web. We are shaped by this web; it determines the way we think, the way we see, what we see…”(Crack in the Cosmic Egg)

The culture we live in, the stories we keep telling, perpetuate the culture we will continue to live in, the values and stories we will hold on to.  We’re sitting in a disastrous trend of separation that is reaching an extreme. The breakdowns we are witnessing are a result of many factors in a reductionist paradigm, but one of the problems I see, is the separation of and disregarded for mothers and infants and the primal continuum of human development.  The current cultural story we live in needs to make way for a new story. 

My podcast, Life as if it mattered, is all about making way for a new story.  Join me and we’ll talk about everything from epigenetics, cellular biology, to memory and the biology of love. We’ll be talking about the interconnectedness of everything and how we can be part of writing a new story. 

 As Pearce said in the Crack in the Cosmic Egg: “As for myself, however, today is the day, and I dare not wait for some slow cultural drift finally to pave the way that I might easily float into some nebulous social salvation. I cannot depend on ‘them’ ‘out there’ to order into coherency this small sphere of my only present now.”

I’m not going to wait any longer, I’m going to actively contribute to creating the world I want to live in.  I hope you’ll check out Life As If It Mattered, I’m pouring a lot of love into this project. I’ll be releasing new episodes as they are complete, I have much to share. In this project I am really taking a deep dive into holism and nourishing emerging families, in an effort to provide easy to understand knowledge and resources to parents and caregivers – so we can work towards a more beautiful world, together.  

If you find the podcast enlightening or useful, please consider becoming a subscriber on patreon. You’ll get access to mini episodes, show notes and links to other resources.  Your financial support helps me care for my family and gives me the time to pour my energy into creating the episodes and resources for you. 

If you’d rather provide one time support(the cost of a cup of coffee!) you can do that too – right here

I am so grateful for your interest in my work and I hope it is useful to you. Feel free to take what you like, discard what you don’t – and share with as many people as you want.  I welcome questions and curiosity – tell me what you’d like to learn more about! Let’s learn together. 

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